About Deimos Promotions

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So how did we come up with the name Deimos Promotions? Deimos, in Greek Mythology, was the second son of Ares: The God of War. His name literally means "terror" and this is what inspired us to chose his name for our Celebrity Convention Booking Agency, especially since we will be representing celebrities who are icons in the horror genre, started their film careers in or are currently working in the horror genre. Deimos is also the second moon for the planet Mars, and who doesn't like a full moon, right?


Since 2012, Brian Ingermann, owner of Deimos Promotions has been attending conventions all cross the country with his cartoon art company Full Moon Cartoon Studios. While at these conventions, he formed bonds with many of the talents that you will find in our Gallery. His mission statement is simple, "To promote our all of our clients equally with integrity and professionalism, while building lasting working relationships with Entertainment Artists, Promoters and Fans alike!" Deimos Promotions is dedicated to all of our celebrity clients and helping them book their next public appearance, regardless if it is at a horror, comic, pop, paranormal or cryptic convention, or at other events.


We are committed to all of our show and event promoters in order to provide them with reasonable and realistic terms for their venues, where our talent pool can be added to make your event successful and fun for everyone attending. We are also committed to helping smaller events become successful and reach their expectations, because we know through experience that our celebrities can help you have the necessary draw that you need to bring the fans into your events. Having vendors, cos-players and gaming tables alone will not guarantee you crowds. You have to have a draw mixed into the event and our celebrity talent can easily be that draw for you. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your convention or event needs.

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