Brian Ingermann



Phone: (501) 693-9481

Prefered Method of Contact: Email, FB Messenger, Text

Full Moon Cartoon Studios 

Brian Ingermann is the Owner and Primary Creative force behind his company Full Moon Cartoon Studios, Deimos Promotions and Brian's Cartoons. 


Full Moon Cartoon Studios' main focus is on the creation of Storyboard Art and Original Scripts for Feature Film's and Movie Short's for the film industry. The company also represents all of Brian's Published Novels and Comic Books.

Deimos Promotions is a Celebrity Convention Booking Agency for booking talent into Convention Venues.

Brian's Cartoons is his secondary cartoon art company, which focuses on Cartoon Caricature Art and Fan Art at various Horror, Pop, Comic Cons, and Festivals across the United States and into Canada. In the summer of 2018, Brian rolled out his copyrighted caricature fan art templates, which became an immediate success at the cons and allows the customer to be drawn into his one-of-a-kind original pieces of art.



IMDB Film Credits, Novels & Comics

IMDB Credits:


The Bluesman (Storyboards) Midnight Strikes Film Director: Eric Wayne Jones (Currently in Development.)


He Knows (Concept Art on Sammy the Elf and Storyboards Short Film) Steven Morris Productions, Director: Steven Morris 


For The Love of My Daughter (Script and Storyboards Feature Film) Creepy Attic Productions, Director: Christopher Maggard. (Currently in development.)


Little Victories (Storyboards Short Film) Mighty-Cheese Productions, Director/Actor/Writer: Dean Chrysler Cameron

Something in The Shadows (Art Director) 5 After 5 Productions, Director: Cameron Grimm

Rosa Leigh (Storyboards Feature Film) Creepy Attic Productions, Director: Christopher Maggard


Stephen King's The Man Who Loved Flowers (Storyboards Short Film) 5 After 5 Productions, Director: Cameron Grimm

Services Offered:

.) Storyboard Illustration Art

.) Original Script Writing 

.) Concept Art

.) Cartoon Caricature Art

.) Original Cartoon Style Art

.) Cartoon Logo Design Art

.) Cartoon Art Instruction

Specific skill set:

Cartoon Artist Tools:

Graphite Pencils, Prismacolor Colored Pencils-Art Sticks-Design Markers, Tech Pens, Sharpie Markers, and Fabric Markers.

Computer Design Art:


Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop


Word, Excel

2010 - present
2010 - present

Published Novels:


Dark Shadows of a Full Moon (Collection of Horror Short Stories) Under Development


Newton Falls, Indiana (Horror, Action, Thriller) Project not published to date.


The Underworld of Carmine Giovanni (Mob, Action, Suspense) Available on Kindle


Madson Crow: Vampire Killer (Horror, Action) Available on Amazon

Comic Books:


Supernatural Slashers (Horror, Action)

Art Education and Awards


The Art Institute of Indianapolis

Sinclair Community College: Dayton Ohio

The John Herron Institute of Art​


2017 Spa Con Best Freehand Artist Award Hot Springs Ark

1985 United States Air Force Cartoonist of the Year Award Winner