Deimos Promotions and Full Moon Cartoon Studios Individual Websites

It has been determined that Deimos Promotions, our Celebrity Convention Talent Booking Agency, and Full Moon Cartoon Studios, our Storyboard Art, Cartoon Art and Fan Art Company, will now have their own websites starting on June 1st 2020.

Deimos Promotions began in 2018 and the Companies Client List had been included on the art company website to get it started. Now the time has come to separate the two entities and have Deimos Promotions focus solely on their client base. Booking our talent will be much easier and the website will allow for navigation beyond just seeing a headshot and a name. Partial Celebrity IMDB Credits will be available for review and brief bios readily available, as well as our contact information for booking. will be the URL.

Full Moon Cartoon Studios website will now focus back solely on our Storyboard Art for Feature and Short Film projects, our Cartoon and Illustration Art and Caricature Art for Horror and Pop Conventions seen across the country. Our IMDB Film Credits, Awards, Blog's and Contact Information can still be seen on this site as well.

Both Companies will still be located out of our offices in Hot Springs Arkansas. We hope that you will visit both of our websites after June 1st. Thank you all and stay safe out there.

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