Lando FX: Lauren Klein

Our Celebrity Talent pool just doesn't include those in front of the camera. Deimos Promotions is also dedicated to booking some of our other talented clients that work behind the scenes. From Special Effects Makeup Artist, to Stunt People, Writers and up and coming Models in the industry, we can provide the best of the best talents for your convention guest to meet and greet, and get to known how they began in the industry while seeing what's next on their upcoming agendas.

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Fraggle FX: Jennifer "Fraggle" Dee started her special FX company only a few years ago, but with her deft partner Lauren Klein, the two are an unstoppable team in practical FX applications for film. Their incredible work was put to the test on the recent paranormal film Rosa Leigh and paid off with an Award for Best Make-Up and Hair Award at the 2019 Las Vegas International Film Fest.

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Jewnnifer Fraggle Dee Rosa Leigh Make up
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Lauren Klein is an award winning makeup artist from Maryland.  She owns Lando FX and often partners with Fraggle FX on various independent film projects. She is a graduate of FX University and has been practicing her craft since 2016. 

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Gayle Krahn is an Award-Winning Makeup and Costume Designer for the 2019 Little Rock, Arkansas 48 Hour Film Festival  Entry "Monster Flaws." She is known for her FX and Makeup work in The Castle starring legendary character actor Lew Temple. Other works include Freedom's Path and Hopeless Romantic.

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More talents announcements coming soon...