Our Celebrity Talent pool just doesn't include those in front of the camera. Deimos Promotions is also dedicated to booking some of our other talented clients that work behind the scenes. From Special Effects Makeup Artist, to Stunt People, Writers and up and coming Models in the industry, we can provide the best of the best talents for your convention guest to meet and greet, and get to known how they began in the industry while seeing what's next on their upcoming agendas.

This section of Deimos Promotions is still under construction, but a brief overview of our specialty clients is listed below.

Fraggle FX: Jennifer "Fraggle" Dee started her special FX company only a few years ago, but with her deft partner Lauren Klein, the two are an unstoppable team in practical FX applications for film. their incredible work was put to the test on the recent paranormal film Rosa Leigh.

Rick Prince is a master creature builder and is known for his work in the new film Beast of the Water.

Rashadd Santiago is best known for winning season six of the TV Series Face Off.

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